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Lixin fu
Joyce Guo
Our company, positioning on the whole market, has obtained ISO9001, ISO13485 certification, FDA and CE registration and also
obtained domestic medical device production license and registration, which is one stop supply platform of non-woven raw material Xinfa group is the first enterprise that can independently develop and produce non-woven fabrics and products in Hubei
province. Its products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO13485 medical device quality management system
certification and FDA certification in 2005. At present, the company has set non-woven raw material production, process
research and development, product production, self-export as one, with 36 independent product research and development
patent projects. The main products are more than 60 non-woven products, such as multi-functional high-grade SMMS nonwoven cloth, melt-spun non-woven cloth, high-grade anti-bacterial non-woven operating clothes, anti-static experimental
suits, protective suits, shoe covers, round hats, beard covers, etc. The company's products have been exported to more than 20
countries and regions such as Europe, the United States and Asia. At present, the company has 6 customers of the world's top
500 companies, and the sales orders are steady and substantial.
Xinfa Group has four subsidiaries: Xiantao Xinfa Plastic Products Co., LTD., Xiantao Lixin plastic Products Co., LTD., Xiantao
Lixin non-woven fabric Co., LTD., and Hubei Xinxin non-woven fabric Co., LTD.
Hubei new xin non-woven co., LTD., founded in October 10, 2014, in the same year settled in taizi lake industrial park,
covers an area of 540 mu, the company's one, two, three phase has been completed and put into operation, completed
standardized workshop, workshop, warehouse, office building, staff dormitory and supporting facilities area of 230000 square
meters, invest 1.48 billion yuan, is planning the fourth period, the fifth period, the company plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan, for
the construction of hubei new xin fitness plaza, office building, dormitory, warehouse and other supporting facilities, and the
third factory, the fourth factory of the company.
The company has been awarded "National key nonwovens production enterprise" and "National Integrity Unit" by the state
for many years. "Novel Coronavirus Epidemic" was a novel company that recognized the general situation and worked overtime
to produce epidemic prevention materials, which was highly praised by the Municipal party Committee and provincial Party